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Wat zien ik Actress: Type: Kick
Dutch flick. Woman kicks a guy (filmed through the legs) while she's sitting on a couch. Guy's reaction is good. U.S. title: Diary of a Hooker.
Posted: 05/02/2004 Source: Movie Year: 2001 Report Update
Watchmen Actress: Malin Åkerman Type: punch
During a struggle When? the movie's REALLY long...it would be so hard to find probably - It happens about 1hr 2mins in. She punches a thug while fighting and it's a very quick scene. Clip has lousy audio synch. http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/femdomspace/20211/watchmen-2009-groin-punch
Posted: 04/29/2013 Source: Movie Year: 2009 Report Update
Waterloo Road Actress: Tina O'Brien Type: Knee, verbal threat
Series 6 - Episode 16: 9th March 2011. Bex Fisher (Tina O'Brien) dressed in school uniform, confronts Wayne Bodley (Qasim Akhtara) in the boys toilet. An argument occurs and Wayne calls Bex a sl** and she knees him in the balls. Very good bust as you see her tights clad knee raised swiftly up to his balls. Afterwards, she says "You deserve to have it chopped off". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uvm3deP3Iw (33.11)
Posted: 05/04/2016 Source: TV Show Year: 2011 Report Update
Waterloo Road Actress: Eva Pope, Zaraah Abrahams Type: 2 on screen knees
British TV classroom drama. Season 3, Episode 20. Tx: 13th March 2008. Two busts in one episode. The first one occurs when Michaela (Zaraah Abrahams) wearing school uniform, grey skirt and black tights is cornered by three boys from the rival school, Forest Mount. The boys are angry because they lost their money on a bet. Michaela looks at one of boys and gives him a quick knee in the balls, knocking the wind out of him. Good reaction and close up of the knee. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHlNQ44iWCo&feature=player_detailpage#t=395s) The second one occurs during a struggle when headteacher Rachel Mason (Eva Pope) wearing a tight long grey skirt delivers an on screen knee to Stuart Hordley's (Silas Carson) balls sending him tumbling down a staircase. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOasQ0hXF68&feature=player_detailpage#t=389s) The first knee is 24 minutes in and the second about 50. Enjoy!
Posted: 03/12/2011 Source: TV Show Year: 2008 Report Update
Waterloo Road Actress: Margi Clarke Type: knee
There's an episode in the current series where Margi Clarke is about to chain herself to a railing. The fat teacher tries to stop her and she knees him in the balls. Long reaction from the teacher. Very funny scene! s7e5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5014uHDzigs 02:40
Posted: 01/15/2015 Source: TV Show Year: 2011 Report Update
Waterloo road Actress: Zoe Lucker Type: verbal
season 8 episode 11, 49 mins 0 sin verbal to her son http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkM9dlLXT2g
Posted: 01/10/2013 Source: TV Show Year: 2012 Report Update
Waterloo Road Actress: Zoe Lucker Type: verbal
Series 8, Episode 11. Carol Barry (Lucker) tells her son Barry to "do one" and then says, "Do you want a kick in the nuts to add to your troubles?" http://depositfiles.com/files/vjgwskqh1
Posted: 01/11/2013 Source: TV Show Year: 2013 Report Update
Watermelon Man Actress: Type: knee
Animated music video of Mungo Santamaria's "Watermelon Man". Towards the end of the video, a man gawps at a woman as she walks towards him and suddenly delivers a knee to his balls! The woman looks back with a smile and pushes her boobs up and walks off, whilst the man is crawling on the floor! Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjJaH40rArU
Posted: 07/22/2013 Source: Other Year: 1963 Report Update
Waterworld is an attraction that you can go see at just about all universal studios, it is a play that you sit through that goes on for about 15 minutes. Around 10 minutes or so, the main girl of the show does a great kick to a guy while his legs are spread. It may not be the hardest kick but many times they have hot actresses playing the lead character depending when you see it. It is worth seeing and you can look on YouTube for some videos of the show. And if you happen to go there soon, try to record a great clip along with the actress name! Very poor view of the kick @16:23: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Fg-mRvpk8M
Posted: 05/03/2013 Source: Other Year: 2013 Report Update
During the United States Championship match between Ric Flair and Konnan, Woman sneaks into the ring while Flair is distracting the referee and when Konnan turns around from his current position, Woman kicks him in the groin with her white high-heels, causing Konnan to fall to the ground in pain. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL17XgPzWpE&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL 9:21
Posted: 12/24/2013 Source: Wrestling Year: 1996 Report Update