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Idle Hands Actress: Jessica Alba Type: verbal
After a guy grabs her she says 'I didn't think you had the balls to just grab me like that'
Posted: 10/13/2002 Source: Movie Year: 1999 Report Update
iene Actress: ilary blasi Type: knee
knee at 1.33.52 http://www.video.mediaset.it/video/iene/full/420437/puntata-del-12-novembre.html
Posted: 11/13/2013 Source: TV Show Year: 2013 Report Update
IGN Actress: Naomi Kyle Type: verbal
shes a host on the gaming network IGN, she says "thatd be quite the kick to the balls" ...... hot if you know who she is 1:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO9gZWrGXOk
Posted: 05/09/2015 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
IGN Actress: Naoimi Kyle Type: verbal
Naoimi Kyle IGN gaming presenter says something would be 'quite the kick to the balls' 1:39 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO9gZWrGXOk
Posted: 04/24/2017 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Ikateru Actress: Type: Stomp,Kick
Contains 2 clips,in the first one a girl walks over a guy by stomping on nuts and she doesn't give a damn.In the 2nd she kicks the same guy very hard when he asks for a free cup of coffee with her. Check title
Posted: 05/13/2011 Source: Cartoon Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Ikenie (aka Sacrifice) Actress: Type: Stomps and a backhand
This Japanese movie has a good scene where a guy's legs are held spread while a co-end group of thugs stomps his chest and balls. The problem is that there are M/M busts as well as F/M busts making it hard to separate the two. Same movie has a later scene where a tough chick backhands a co-thug in the nuts.
Posted: 06/04/2004 Source: Movie Year: 1996 Report Update
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V3_Plk14fg knee at min 08:35 excellent. More Italian stuff please!
Posted: 07/27/2015 Source: Movie Year: 2008 Report Update
ilakaa Actress: Amrita Singh Type: Knee
https://youtu.be/t40MfwNZcIg Goon try to rape Amrita and she give very hard knee to his nuts. Put goon in imense pain. Time Around 3:52 mints.
Posted: 12/06/2017 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
ileana Kicks Raviteja Actress: ileana Type: Kick
Posted: 12/05/2017 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Illegal Aliens Actress: Gladys Jimenez Type: Pool cue and knee
Woman hits guy with a pool cue. Very good knee later on!
Posted: 02/09/2010 Source: Movie Year: 2007 Report Update