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Deadbeat at Dawn Actress: Type:
Guy who a girl's trying to get away from receives mutiple punches to the nads while driving.
Posted: 03/13/2003 Source: Movie Year: 1988 Report Update
Deadbolt Actress: Justine Bateman Type:
As they struggle, Justine Bateman pushes off of a banister with her foot, then spins around and knees Adam Baldwin which enables her to escape from him.
Posted: 01/25/2004 Source: Movie Year: 1993 Report Update
Deadly Games Actress: Type: Knee and kicks
A knee in a struggle with a sexist man, and two kicks on a bridge in another scene. All busting done by a blonde in boots. Not bad.
Posted: 03/13/2003 Source: Movie Year: 1990 Report Update
Deadly Outbreak Actress: Type: Kick
Guy is getting ready to rape Rochelle in the bathroon. As he exposes his boxers after he pushes her onto the counter in the bathroom, she kicks up into his balls. Good shot, decent reaction.
Posted: 03/13/2003 Source: Movie Year: 1995 Report Update
Deadly Pursuit Actress: Kirstie Alley Type: Kick
Exactly 1h 20min 59sek. She is walking in front of the killer, when she pretends to fall. Rolls over on her back and acts like her foot is twisted. When the killer comes to have a look, she stamps upwards into his balls. Also known as Shoot To Kill.
Posted: 07/19/2008 Source: Movie Year: 1988 Report Update
Deadly Spa Actress: Amy Pietz Type: kick
Bust at 65 min
Posted: 01/22/2017 Source: Movie Year: 2013 Report Update
Deadpool Actress: Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano Type: grab, punch, attempted knee
A biker grabs Morena's ass so she grabs his balls offscreen and makes him apologize. Gina Carano punches a guy in the balls after distracting him during a fight. Towards the end Morena is frustrated and attempts to knee deadpool but he tells her not to.
Posted: 02/29/2016 Source: Movie Year: 2016 Report Update
Deadpool Actress: Gina Carano Type: Punch
Great hand-to-hand fight between Colossus and Angel Dust played by Gina Carano (former MMA, Muay Thai and mixed martial artist). When she accidentally flashes her boobs in the fight. When Colossus lets her know about her "Janet Jackson moment" she takes advantage of him trying to look away to punch him right in the nuts almost knocking him out.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya-MKc5Ay3Q&t=1m20s
Posted: 05/22/2016 Source: Movie Year: 2016 Report Update
Dear John Actress: Belinda Lang Type: verbal threat
Series 1, Episode 1: "A Singular Man". Kate (Belinda Lang) tells a man, "If you call me a chick once more, I'll knee you in the groin so hard that you'll have three Adam's apples!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgEx6C2PnAA Occurs at about 3:03
Posted: 05/15/2011 Source: TV Show Year: 1986 Report Update
Death Game Actress: Sondra Locke Type: knee
Great knee as Locke teases the guy she's terrorizing about accusing him of stautory rape. HOT!
Posted: 01/26/2001 Source: Movie Year: 1977 Report Update