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Daddy Day Care Actress: Bridgette Ho Type: Hard kick
A smiling young girl in a red karate outfit kicks a man directly in the balls, really hard. The man falls to the ground and holds his balls, moaning, rolling around for a long time. Clip: http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/femdomspace/17548/daddy-day-care-2003-karate-girl-kicks-balls
Posted: 04/21/2013 Source: Movie Year: 2003 Report Update
Daku Hasina Part 1 Actress: Unknown Type: kick
At the starting of movie time 3.10 mins on YouTube.
Posted: 09/22/2017 Source: Movie Year: 1987 Report Update
(a hindi b-movie)a sexy gal in bikini knees a guy who tries to kiss her bust is at 6:05 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VSNRQC2u6c
Posted: 02/08/2015 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Dalam(indian telugu) Actress: Pia bajpai Type: Stick
She hits a comedian in the balls with a stick.his reaction is funny. time 44 min from the movie
Posted: 12/31/2017 Source: Movie Year: 2013 Report Update
Dallas;War of the Ewings Actress: Linda Grey Type: Kick
Linda kicks a big tight jeaned cowboy in the nuts during a bar room brawl.Dodgy contact but he goes down holding himself.Kinda sexy having a well dressed middle aged woman fighting dirty, also she has the trace of a smile on her face after the kick as if it was something she always wanted to do. - It looks like a knee to me unless there is a different bust in the scene which I missed. Clip: http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/femdomspace/25244/dallas-war-of-the-ewings-1998-mature-woman-knees-groin
Posted: 05/14/2013 Source: Movie Year: 1998 Report Update
Dance Apache Actress: Alexis Type: knee
First ever ballburst from 1934! https://youtu.be/MflgQkO8p0s
Posted: 04/13/2017 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
dance dance Actress: mandakini Type: knee
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stmIf_HY1s0&index=8&list=PL87D217F003858971 @3:15
Posted: 05/19/2017 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Dance Plus Actress: Shakti Type: knee
Shakti knees raghav in balls. Good reaction. 17 September episode
Posted: 09/17/2017 Source: TV Show Year: 2017 Report Update
Dance to the Music of Time Actress: Miranda Richardson Type: squeeze (offscreen)
Halfway through the last of 4 parts the Miranda Richardson character (who is an erratic, difficult woman who seems to enjoy tormenting the men who love her) suddenly grabs his balls while they (he and Miranda) are in a church. He lets out a loud cry. It's over in a couple of seconds, and the man mentions it later to a male character. Any link or Cap?
Posted: 10/16/2012 Source: TV Show Year: 1997 Report Update
Dance With Death Actress: Type: knee
Stripper wearing a robe and painted in gold (from her act) thinks an undercover cop has been killing strippers. She grabs him by the hair, throws him against the wall and lands a solid knee to his balls. She gets pulled off him and he steps away bent over and breathing heavily.
Posted: 04/28/2011 Source: Movie Year: 1991 Report Update