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Soldier Boys Actress: Jacqueline Obradors Type: Upward Stomp
A soldier woman kicks another soldier as they are play-fighting.you can hear the foot crushing his balls
Posted: 12/22/2003 Source: Movie Year: 1987 Report Update
Soldier of Fortune Actress: Melinda Clarke Type: Kick
Margo Vincent (Melinda Clarke) is taken to the bathroom by a terrorist. She then asks for a little privacy. The terrorist replies "Sorry." Margo then asks if he could at least turn around. The terrorist says that he could but he doesn't comply. Margo smiles and responds: "What's a girl to do, huh? When you gotta go, you gotta..." She then hikes up her skirt a bit while the terrorist watches before she turns around to face him. She kicks him in between the legs, then grabs the back of his head to knee him in the chin before flinging him to the floor unconscious, taking his gun as she does so. Margo then taunts him saying: "You should have turned around, you'd still have a deep voice". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAb2zR663kc
Posted: 10/31/2014 Source: TV Show Year: 1997 Report Update
Soldiers and officers Actress: Unknown Type: Kick
Russian movie. A nurse kicks a solider in the groin. Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I58hyUTmou0
Posted: 09/27/2016 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Solo Quimica Actress: Ana Fernández García Type: foot tease, kick
Ana Fernández García tries foot tease under table and kick Rodrigo Guirao in the balls. Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xyqqvBKsAdI
Posted: 03/19/2017 Source: Movie Year: 2015 Report Update
Some reality tv show on channel 5 Actress: Type: Verbal
Threats to castrate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TyVsdaTQ-0
Posted: 04/12/2017 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Somebody to Love Actress: Rosie Perez Type: kicks, verbal
Perez kicks a guy in the balls, and then brags to another guy, "I got him really good. I kicked him in the balls." Later she kicks someone who's mugging her a couple times in a row, but it's hard to see too clearly. She's also watching TV at one point, and yells at the screen, "Oh no, they're gonna cut his dick off!"
Posted: 08/14/2012 Source: Movie Year: 1994 Report Update
Great scene: the cheating husband pulls up to his wife's house and she tells her sister to keep him busy. As he walks in the door, the sister gives him a really solid knee at a good camera angle. She is wearing a sweater, a black skirt, and some sexy dark pantyhose. While he is writhing on the ground, she says to her sister (Julia Roberts) "You said to keep him busy. He's busy holding his nuts." - Clip: http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/femdomspace/27487/something-to-talk-about-1995-knee-to-groin-of-cheater
Posted: 05/21/2013 Source: Movie Year: 1995 Report Update
Something to talk about Actress: Type: Knee
One of the best stockinged knees of all time. Best reaction
Posted: 09/20/2016 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Son of the Beach Actress: Jaime Bergman Type: Punch
She is dressed up like a domina and has this Russian soldier tied up in a chair to interrogate him. She hits him in the groin, slaps his face and kicks him in the face to make him talk. He finally talks after she tightens his bonds. Great overall scene. My guess it is 11 minutes into s2e2.From Russia, with Johnson[erl] -- Clip: http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/femdomspace/39618/son-of-the-beach-s02e02-punch-to-groin
Posted: 07/22/2013 Source: TV Show Year: 2001 Report Update
Son of the Beach Actress: Type: Kick
Which episode ? A girl in pink bikini is fighting a man in yellow shorts. She punches him a few times then gives him a round house kick in the balls. Awesome kick. A very hard kick and he is down and out, he screams and falls down. Actress, not sure but hot and hot kick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMyYWQYECbk&feature=PlayList&p=96432A8E8D36BDD9&playnext_from=PL&playnext=2&index=1
Posted: 04/13/2010 Source: TV Show Year: 2000 Report Update