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Nikita Actress: Lyndsy Fonseca Type: Kick
Season 3 Episode 19 - 10 mins. A good hard kick to a gang guy in a laundrette. Use Chrome to download (actually you can use many different utilities to DL flash clips such as Flashgot. Use Chrome for downloading femdomspace - Clip: http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/femdomspace/20324/nikita-s03e19-groin-kick. ballbusting scene in nikita are always great
Posted: 04/29/2013 Source: TV Show Year: 2013 Report Update
Nikita Actress: Lyndsay fonseca Type: Knee
S2e1 in the first 5 min there is a possibile l re/kick from lyndsay fondeca
Posted: 12/15/2017 Source: TV Show Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Nikki Actress: Nikki Cox Type: 2 knees
'Cheerleader of Doom,' episode originally aired on 02/18/01 (episode 15 of the first season), has two knees by the ever busting Nikki. She has to wrestle her boyfriend in a match. While practicing, she's supposed to fake a knee to his balls but she misses and hits him for real. She then knees him again in the real match. Hot as hell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZkWUI_G-Y0 at 5:47
Posted: 12/25/2012 Source: TV Show Year: 2001 Report Update
Nil Gavani Selladhey Actress: Dhanshika Type: Kick, Stomp
In this movie the hero kidnaps the heroine to surprise her on her birthday. Without knowing this heroine kicks the hero in the groin knees in the face and just before making the escape gives a stomp to the groin of the guy who is lying on the floor reeling from kick and knee to the face.
Posted: 05/15/2011 Source: Movie Year: 2011 Report Update
This is not a bust on a real target. A retired female secret agent (Claudia Hiersche) is been recalled on service and at her returns she test her shooting skills in a shooting range. She shoots all bullets and it looks like she miss the target, but when it returns up the results of her shooting are shown! Nice reaction of her and men presents. Link in german language with italian subs: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3327xy_nina-undercover-1-3-sub-ita_creation Start at 19:43
Posted: 11/07/2015 Source: Movie Year: 2011 Report Update
nine and 1/2 Actress: kim basinger Type: kick
solid kick to the balls by amazing kim basinger --- sure about that? ---- it happens. it's a fast dumb knee that is very fake and completely unarousing
Posted: 12/22/2010 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Nine Dead Actress: Melissa Joan Hart Type: Kick
Good though quick close up kick in the balls as Melissa wrestles gun from psycho dad at around 80 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPwMpXHhUIg
Posted: 07/08/2010 Source: Movie Year: 2010 Report Update
Nine Dead Actress: Melissa Joan Hart Type: Kick
In this Movie Melissa Joan "The Teenage Witch" Heart is a "victim" of a old guy that has kidnapped some people so they have to figure out what they have in common. Its much like SAW (Without the traps). At the end the bad-guy wants to let the rest of 'em free but Melissa kicks him in the nuts and then kills him with a gun. Thats not nice of Teenage Bitch. Heres the scene with a slow-mo: http://tinyurl.com/MelissaJoanHartBallbusting
Posted: 09/20/2010 Source: Movie Year: 2010 Report Update
Ninja Academy Actress: Type: Kick
A cute young woman kicks a ninja in the nuts, jiggles her leg up and down a bit, laughs, and says 'you wouldn't hurt a pretty little thing like me, would you?'.
Posted: 03/28/2016 Source: Movie Year: 1990 Report Update
Ninja Cheerleaders Actress: Ginny Weirick Type: Multiple
Best busting film since On The Doll, all by the same girl, multiple grabs and threats...
Posted: 08/13/2008 Source: Movie Year: 2008 Report Update