Add Movie to the Database

Rules for Adding
  1. Check first whether or not the movie is already in the database before posting it.
  2. If you would like to add your own description, rather "Update" the movie, than post another copy of it with your own description.
  3. Check (Internet Movie Database) before posting to figure out the movie name, date, or actress name.
  4. Do not put "The" in front of the movie name.
  5. Do not put the word "TV" or "Wrestling" in paranthesis after the movie title. The "source" dropdown menu is there for that.
  6. Do not put the words "I don't know" in the title when you are unsure what the movie is called.
  7. Movies with multiple busts should have all the information under one entry.
  8. TV Shows/Series with multiple busts can be done either all under one entry, or each episode can have it's own entry.