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Girlfriend from Hell Actress: Type: knees/kicks
Two kicks, two knees. The spirit of an evil entity (from hell) posesses the body of a girl. Her hunter (who doubles as an eternal lover) comes after her. At first she knee's him (in the closet). Then she knees him near a window before she falls out. Later, the guy is picked off the floor by two women. He grabs their butts, and the both turn around and punch him, knocking him over backwards. They then both swing their legs back and kick himin the nuts at the same time! Pity it's so dark.....Where is this "double kick" in the movie? I just skimmed it and I didn't see it anywhere past where the knees were.
Posted: 03/22/2010 Source: Movie Year: 1990 Report Update
Girlfriends Actress: Persia White Type: Knee
What show is this bust from? It's something that was aired on the CW Network... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnbKrXwO53o&feature=related It's a show called Girlfriends. Actress name is Persia White. Thank you! But what season and what episode?
Posted: 11/11/2010 Source: TV Show Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Girls Actress: Zosia Mamet Type: kick
Girls S1E7 -- Jessa (Jemima Kirke) asks a guy to look after her cute, naive cousin Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) who's just gotten in over head at a Brooklyn party by taking crack. Shoshanna runs off, the guy follows, and in her crack-headed daze she thinks he's attacking her and practices self-defense moves on him. Afterwards, as he's holding his sore balls, she apologizes and massages his groin. just kick: http://www.mediafire.com/?cqn7m2mt2nt4z59 entire scene (2 mins): http://www.mediafire.com/?z6upo8061a20rx1
Posted: 05/29/2012 Source: TV Show Year: 2012 Report Update
Off screen knee, but worth listing for completeness. There's also a threat with a gun and an off screen shot to the nuts by the other hot actress in the movie, Nicole LaLiberte. Not a great movie and not great busts, but in an effort to keep this database complete, they're worth mentioning. time?
Posted: 06/09/2013 Source: Movie Year: 2012 Report Update
about 5:23 into the last episode cheryl back kicks her dance partner by accident and he yells you got my balls and cheryl and the rest of girls aloud burst out laughing.. nice!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dzMPv0P6T-Q (5:20)
Posted: 10/25/2015 Source: TV Show Year: 2006 Report Update
Girls Are For Loving Actress: Cheri Caffaro Type: Castration threat, many kicks
Her kick to the balls and karate chop to the neck are part of a fight on the beach where she is topless. This is one of several female fighting scenes in this movie. Also, she ties a black guy and a white guy up and attaches electric cables to their genitals. Ginger turns on the juice and tortures them awhile, threatening to destroy their nuts if they don't give her info she needs. They quickly comply, begging her for mercy. She has pity and tells them that the level of shock she has administered will have caused 'no permanent damage'. This was the original result of the interogation scene in the movie when it was in the theatres. However in videos I have seen, her comment to the two is dubbed over such that she has done them 'permanent damage' with the charge. Also, when she is in her room, some thug attacks her. With many kicks from her he ends up in the bath tub... then they sleep together.. how sexy!
Posted: 12/27/2014 Source: Movie Year: 1973 Report Update
Girls Bravo Actress: anime Type: 5 kicks, 1 umbrella
Ep.16 Tomoka goes out to find a man to take back to her planet but gets sidetracked by trying to impress Kirie. Kazuharu meets Tomoka walking around and follows her. She hits him in the balls with her pet when she first tells him to get lost. As they follow Kirie together protecting her Tomoka hits Kazuharu with a umbrella handle then kicks him from behind twice. / Ep.19 The characters are making a movie and Yukinari is playing bad guy. As he teases his friend by pulling her rabbit ears through the bars of a jail cell she kicks him in the balls. At the end of the movie the credits show her kicking him 2 more times during rehersal as he says 'Why'd you kick me so hard.'
Posted: 02/17/2012 Source: Cartoon Year: 2004 Report Update
Girls Gone Dead Actress: Katie Peterson Type: kick
Around 1h 25min in the movie Rebecca Foster (Katie Peterson) kicks Todd (Vincent Chimato) in the groin as he is walking over to get his axe. The kick is slightly lame since she's supposed to have a broken leg at the time.
Posted: 01/22/2013 Source: Movie Year: 2012 Report Update
Girls Rock! (2007) Actress: Type: Kicks and Knees
A hot punk rock woman in her twenties kicks and knees at pads in a self-defense demonstration. There is also footage of girls trying the moves out on their instructors. There's no actual contact with actual male padded attackers, but this is still a really good one for self-defense fans.
Posted: 06/12/2008 Source: Movie Year: 2007 Report Update
Girls School Actress: Type:
Please Confirm Film
Posted: 03/27/2010 Source: Movie Year: 1975 Report Update