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Toolbox Murders, The Actress: Type: knee
Good hard knee in the first attack scene. -- If you're refering to the first kill-scene, where the woman is lying on the bed, that's not even a bust -- Which Actress?
Posted: 09/05/2011 Source: Movie Year: 1978 Report Update
Tootsie Actress: Jessica Lange Type: punch
Towards the end of the movie, Dorothy Michaels (Dustin Hoffman) reveals that he is actually Michael Dorsey. Julie Nicholls (Jessica Lange) is upset and delivers a quick punch to the balls, whilst he is still wearing the dress. Good reaction as you can hear him go OOOOOHH!!!
Posted: 12/21/2007 Source: Movie Year: 1982 Report Update
Also known as "Eyecatch Junction" and "Mini-Skirt Commando". The two young policewomen protagonists of the movie, Makoto (played by Nakajima) and Atsuko encounter a suspicious young man (who's actually a fellow police officer on a case) who's threatening an injured man from within sight and when the suspicious young man tries to pull out something against them, Makoto initiates a surprise tactic by immediately ducking and rolling over towards him so that she can then stand up real quickly and kick him in the groin, stunning him in an instant so that she can then slap him in the face, enabling Atsuko to quickly grab and throw him to the ground in order to stop him. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtZQLVypUy8
Posted: 06/20/2014 Source: Movie Year: 1991 Report Update
Toradora Actress: N/A Type: kick
When Taigas father comes to see his daughter to try and get her to come back home, she kicks him and yells out "Stalker!" Episode 11, around 20 minute mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99Mwcmre6wo 8:20
Posted: 06/03/2014 Source: TV Show Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
ToraDora! Actress: anime Type: kick
Ep. 11 When her dead-beat dad shows up Taiga kicks him in the balls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJeCSpT3oOA&list=PL24DB160D5BEFEBD6
Posted: 03/11/2014 Source: Cartoon Year: 2008 Report Update
Torque Actress: Monet Mazur Type: Kick
Mazur is being hung from her arms by a chain. The main bad guy is beating up her boyfriend right near her when she delivers a kick to his nuts. A quick reaction by the bad guy, none by her. The boyfriend says "Thanks" before the bad guy continues to fight him.
Posted: 02/28/2007 Source: Movie Year: 2004 Report Update
Total Divas: Actress: Nikki Bella Type: Verbal
Nikki and her boyfriend, John Cena are sitting across from each other at a restaurant when she slips her foot under the table and puts it between his legs saying, "I could smash your nuts right now." http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1gspgw_total-divas-episode-12_people I think it's at 10:10
Posted: 01/02/2016 Source: TV Show Year: 2013 Report Update
Total Force Actress: Calista Carradine Type: 1 kick , 1 knee
A woman enter in a room and she is punched by a man, then she kicks him in the groin and sensually fight with him. Two other japanese girls deliver a few kicks to the balls and stomach to the soldiers. The very sexy scenes i've ever seen. First, it's 1996. How can we get this movie? Any online clip ? well this is a hard find, got it at a Hollywood video, but yes the scene is very sexy, about 30 minutes from the end they switch from two different fight scenes with 2 girls in short red skirt black top high heels and shiny stocking fight a couple thugs, only one decent bust when a thug goes for a kick and the hottie blonde with these gorgeous legs catching his leg by her throat and gives a kick to his exposed balls. Youtube edit here w The cosmetic salesgirl [Calista Carradine] punches a guy in the nuts before she breaks his neck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0Dbozqc7MI
Posted: 12/16/2014 Source: Movie Year: 1997 Report Update
link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw9HPOBKn4c @ 40sec, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtwnpVKA8Oc kick @ 11sec
Posted: 09/19/2015 Source: TV Show Year: 2015 Report Update
Total Recall Actress: Sharon Stone Type: Punch, kick, stomp
Sharon Stone punches and kicks Arnold Schwarzenegger in the nuts while fighting him, then stomps his nuts again later on in the movie. Link to fight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URXaXhKZmpE
Posted: 09/02/2013 Source: Movie Year: 1990 Report Update