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Back Lot Murders Actress: Priscilla Barnes Type: vice grip/squeeze
Priscilla Barnes has a man tied to a table with a vice around his nuts. She gives it a few twists to tighten the squeeze while she does her movie villain exposition spiel, and then slits his throat. here is the link at 74:00: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VW-Xm6nGUI
Posted: 06/03/2015 Source: Movie Year: 2001 Report Update
Back to the Future 2 Actress: Darlene Vogel Type: GRAB
Spike (DV) runs her claw fingernail down Marty McFly Jr's face saying, "whats wrong mcfly? Got No Scrote?!" and grabs his balls, lifting him til he yelps a high pitched scream with wide eyes CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp1DwFiU1tM&feature=player_embedded *Following is a gay MalevsMale and later some stupid accidental self busts too
Posted: 10/30/2011 Source: Movie Year: 1989 Report Update
Backlash Actress: Danielle Burga Type: Knees
Passable knee to baddies groin and reaction during apartment fight 76 minutes in,quick knee but no reaction during subsequent poolside fight.
Posted: 10/23/2010 Source: Movie Year: 2006 Report Update
Backstreet Justice Actress: Linda Kozlowski Type: kick,punch,knee
51 min punch, knee at 1h19-20min
Posted: 07/18/2015 Source: Movie Year: 1994 Report Update
Bad Biology Actress: Charlee Danielson Type: Grab
Quick grab near the beginning of the movie.
Posted: 10/11/2008 Source: Movie Year: 2008 Report Update
Bad Dreams Actress: Sheila Scott Wilkenson Type: Verbal Threat
A nurse is flirting with a patient. She gives him a cup of pills to swallow, checks to see that he's taken them and then slaps him across the stomach. "Next time, it'll be lower," she teases. Fifteen minutes in. Clip: http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/femdomspace/7689/bad-dreams-nurse-threatens-balls
Posted: 12/28/2012 Source: Movie Year: 1988 Report Update
Bad education Actress: Michelle Gomez Type: Squeeze
Right at the end the teacher squeezes his balls because he shot her bird series 2 episode 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYnAs0fz8ik around 26 to 28 minutes
Posted: 09/12/2013 Source: TV Show Year: 2013 Report Update
Bad Girl Island Actress: Ashley Anderson Type: handbag, verbal threats
00:52:00 Britt (Ashley Anderson) catches her bf cheating with AnnaLynne McCord's character. Britt tells him to "cover that thing up before I cut it off" and then hits him in the junk with her handbag. As she drags him away, she says "I'll cut your balls off" but it's a little hard to hear.
Posted: 04/02/2014 Source: Movie Year: 2007 Report Update
Bad Girls Actress: Debra Stephenson Type: Grab
In Series 3 Episode 8 "Shell Dockley", a criminal played by Debra Stephenson grabs a drug dealer who stands in front of her in his underwear, says: " Don't worry Garry, we're out of this shithole. But if you tell anyone we was here, I'll be back for these." and leaves the room laughing.. Clip: http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/femdomspace/65/bad-girls-s03e08-bb-grab-and-threat
Posted: 11/05/2012 Source: TV Show Year: 2001 Report Update
Bad Girls Club Actress: Type: Kicks
There's an episode where the girls from the reality tv show go to a self defense class and kick the guy in the balls many times. What episode is this and what season? please >>>Season 3 Ep 5 "The Tipping Point" It happens about 17:00 minutes into the episode and goes on for several minutes. Sexy girls! Clip: http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/femdomspace/10149/bad-girls-club-s03e05-hot-girls-practice-kicking-balls
Posted: 04/19/2013 Source: TV Show Year: 2009 Report Update