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In nome del papa re Actress: Type: kick
Italian film. In the start of the film a girl is painting in a wall against Pope. A guard wants arreste her, and she kicks him in the balls. She?s wearing a long skirt, due the time of the film action) but the impact is good.
Posted: 04/23/2010 Source: Movie Year: 1977 Report Update
In Plain Sight Actress: Type:
Plenty of busts in this show that aired on USA Network. Caps???
Posted: 10/14/2012 Source: TV Show Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
In The Eyes Of A Stranger Actress: Justine Bateman Type: off-screen kick
In the first five minutes or so of the movie, Justine Bateman delivers an off screen kick to her attacker after running out of a subway train.
Posted: 01/25/2004 Source: Movie Year: 1992 Report Update
In Too Deep Actress: Ivonne Coll Type: Grab
Omar Epps has his balls grabbed and felt around for a wire by an elderly redhead Hispanic woman. It's legitimate/onscreen. His reaction is also good. Link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw8KGV_I_ATpZ3FpOVdnbk5tVVE/edit
Posted: 01/25/2015 Source: Movie Year: 1999 Report Update
Inara the Jungle Girl Actress: Cali Danger Type: knee,punch ...
mix busts. Knee at 17min40sec; punch at 14min49sec
Posted: 10/06/2013 Source: Movie Year: 2012 Report Update
Indian ladies groin kicks chinese Actress: unknown Type: multiple knees
lady police knees three times at 0.17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esp379mmUYA
Posted: 01/29/2017 Source: Movie Year: 2016 Report Update
indian prank show Actress: three girls Type: multiple knees
indian prank show where a guy was kneed in balls by three girls. starts at 14:11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9bYUAeDTJM
Posted: 01/22/2017 Source: TV Show Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Indian Soap Actress: Type: knee
its from an indian tv show i dont know which.....a gal warns not to disturb his sis......he doesnt listen so she knees him in balls pretty fake knee but the gals r hot.heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjT8C2rsqAU&playnext=1&list=PLFD65CEF9D06C5FE1&feature=results_video
Posted: 12/09/2012 Source: TV Show Year: 2012 Report Update
indian women self defence Actress: Type: knee
girl deliver a hard knee to taxi driver , who try to rape her. knee his off screen but reaction is good. taxi driver hold his stack in pain for while in front of girl... https://youtu.be/oZQqRsYtod0?t=3m55s
Posted: 09/28/2017 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
indian women self defence Actress: unkown Type: object, kick, back kick
2 boys are waiting for a girl and try to abuse her... as soon as girl realize, she throw her purse at his balls and then give him a swift kick to his ball,.. other boys hold her from back... so she step on his foot, then deliver back kick to his groin and again swift kick to his balls.... https://youtu.be/JugZYjZlRfM?t=22s
Posted: 09/28/2017 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update