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No Good Deed Actress: Taraji P. Henson Type: Kick
At the end of the movie, the main character kicks Idris Elba (1hr16) http://allmyvideos.net/pmw0fx9w4obs
Posted: 03/04/2015 Source: Movie Year: 2014 Report Update
No Good Deed Actress: Taraji P. Henson Type: Kick
On screen kick from the super hot Taraji P. Henson near the end of the movie. Sadly, the kick is quick and smacks of possibly being executed between stunt people. But it's a kick nonetheless. She was asked in an interview about the kick and said she never kicked him, so it seems to be a stunt woman doing the kicking. Here's the interview: http://clatl.com/atlanta/taraji-p-henson-discuss-no-good-deed/Content?oid=12197276
Posted: 09/14/2014 Source: Movie Year: 2014 Report Update
No Holds Barred Actress: Type: Kicks
Two kicks. One in a park and one during a self defense class. Which movie? The Hulk Hogan one has no busts in it.
Posted: 06/22/2010 Source: Movie Year: 1989 Report Update
No Offence Actress: Charlie May-Clark Type: Back kick
Series 1, Episode 5. Cathy (May-Clark) back kicks her attacker, Patrick Llewelyn (Peter McDonald) in the balls. About 44 minutes in.
Posted: 06/22/2015 Source: TV Show Year: 2015 Report Update
No Offence Actress: Joanna Scanlan Type: verbal
S1xE02: (41min) Joanna Scanlan (D.I. Vivienne Deering) provides a self-defense book to two daughters and said that at the age of twelve, she catch the balls of a man with a clamp.
Posted: 03/01/2016 Source: TV Show Year: 2015 Report Update
Cynthia slowly approaches a big man and says: "it's not about the money", while he takes a pile of money from her hands, she violently knees him and kicks him down... here's the link: http://youtu.be/nDDZtY96dGo I think the description is for Fast Getaway. You are right it is Fast Getaway and a better clip here http://youtu.be/XJMT31yvou4
Posted: 08/04/2011 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Cynthia is fighting a couple of guys with her hands tied behind her back and knees one of them - good reaction. About 1:10 in.
Posted: 03/23/2010 Source: Movie Year: 1987 Report Update
No TV for You Actress: Type: Kick
kick and squeeze play, skip the first minute http://xhamster.com/movies/1169107/no_tv_for_you_part_3.html
Posted: 12/08/2012 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
No-Rin (Nourin) Actress: anime Type: knee
Ep.1 Kousaku is sulking over his favorite idol singer Yukatan retiring from showbiz. He skips school and is wearing a body pillow with her image. Minori, both a bit worried and a bit jealous, tries to talk him out of his sulking and suggests she's not worth it because she's probably a bitch in person. Kousaku calls her legs fat and pounces at her to attack her and she repels him with a hard knee in the crotch. This is probably the best anime ballbust so far. Its certainly the best one I've ever seen.
Posted: 05/18/2014 Source: Cartoon Year: 2014 Report Update
Noir Actress: Type: knee
Which Noir? there's a knee in one of the episodes of the anime the knee is in episode 10 can be found on youtube
Posted: 11/28/2012 Source: Cartoon Year: UNKNOWN Report Update