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Anna und die Liebe Actress: Type: grab
There is a grab from a blonde on a character named Kai in I think the 812 episode of the series. Please find the whole clip and cap. heres a preview (check around 1:20) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MTEN5Q0Fwk
Posted: 10/08/2013 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
There's a brief bb shot in this recent documentary of Annie kicking a guy's dick and slightly stepping on his balls.
Posted: 10/27/2002 Source: Movie Year: 1999 Report Update
Another heaven Actress: Miwako Ichikawa Type: grab
Miwako Ichikawa grabs his balls. Quick squeeze + neckbreak. All on screen. Edited version here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPobWA1-8cE
Posted: 01/14/2011 Source: Movie Year: 2000 Report Update
Another Nirbaya(Telugu short film) Actress: Type: stomp
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNFDCcwaK54 @16.10
Posted: 10/03/2015 Source: Other Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
antes Actress: Type:
Posted: 09/27/2016 Source: Movie Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Antichrist Actress: Charlotte Gainsbourg Type: castration
Halfway through the movie a woman slams a heavy toolbox onto a mans genitals, leaving him unconscious. Than she masturbates him till he ejaculates blood, making clear that his nuts have ruptured. After this she is running around naked the camera focusing on her vagina, somehow sexy when you know what she has done to a man only seconds before.
Posted: 12/27/2014 Source: Movie Year: 2009 Report Update
Anuvruthayaya Kapalika Actress: Sona nair Type: Grab
Her customer refuses to pay full money. So she grabs his balls to get full amount.. Please provide a video link for this video. This movie is not available online. (...... It happens in a song.. here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlEoRLkGUHg
Posted: 05/21/2014 Source: Movie Year: 2012 Report Update
Any Which Way You Can Actress: Ruth Gordon Type: Kick
In 'Any Which Way You Can,' Ruth Gordon kicks an old man in the nuts, then punches him. She immediately feels bad then tries to help him, then seduce him. Later, while praying, she tells the heavens that she 'didn't hit him that hard' and that he 'still has one good one left.'
Posted: 02/19/2010 Source: Movie Year: 1980 Report Update
apache dance Actress: Type: knee
This is A dance from 1934 that has A knee in it at 1min 8sec new you tube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s48wDOalMLw Year 1909 (IMDB) Which Actress?
Posted: 04/14/2010 Source: Other Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Apache Woman Actress: NA. Type: castrated her captives
http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/deva/27471/apache-woman-castrated-her-captives The Apache had a habit of doing that to American and Vietnamese captives, at night, in easy hearing distance from the base so the screams would work on the base Marines all night long. She's the only one of Hathcock's hundreds of kills that he said he took personal satisfaction from. The founder of SEAL Team Six, Richard Marcinko, said in 1995 that Hathcock had told him one of Apache's "trademarks" was to cut off her victim's eyelids and keep them as souvenirs. Apache often castrated her captives according to Hathcock in another interview. History channel sniper tales excerpt
Posted: 05/21/2013 Source: Movie Year: 1998 Report Update