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Andromeda Actress: Lisa Ryder Type: Back punch
Beka Valentine (Ryder) gives a hard back punch to the balls of a guard. He clutches in pain and then she punches him in the face. Here's the link to see the bust: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LeQILoG3QLE
Posted: 02/06/2015 Source: TV Show Year: 2003 Report Update
anejiru! Actress: anime Type: stomp
it's hentai. Er 1 (10-11min) Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuqOq0A8zwY
Posted: 07/17/2013 Source: Cartoon Year: UNKNOWN Report Update
Angel Actress: Charisma Carpenter, Julie Benz Type: Various
Lots of busts in various episodes. At least one good grab, four knees, and a stun gun blast from Charisma Carpenter, Amy Acker, and Julie Benz. anyone know what episodes?
Posted: 01/15/2016 Source: TV Show Year: 1999 Report Update
Angel Actress: Charisma Carpenter, Amy Acker Type: Taser, Knee
Se3, Ep6, "Billy" Two busts in this episode. A guy named Billy is going around infecting men with a hatred of women. In self-defense Carpenter tasers him in the genitals, making him collapse in agony onto the ground. At another point Acker gives Alexis Denisof a sharp knee in the nuts. all in the 29-31 minute marks
Posted: 02/16/2016 Source: TV Show Year: 2001 Report Update
Angel Actress: Charisma Carpenter Type: Knee
Se1, Ep10, "Parting Gifts." To defend herself against a demon while her hands are tied behind her back, around the 28 minute mark Carpenter delivers a hard knee to his nuts. "You're in great, great--" she says. "Danger?" the demon guesses for the rest of the sentence. The knee arrives with a thump and she finally completes her sentence with: "--pain."
Posted: 02/16/2016 Source: TV Show Year: 1999 Report Update
Angel Destiny (อุบัติรักเทวา) Actress: Biwty Rattiyaphon Type: 2 knees, threats several times
Ep.6, see 14m-17m30s. Biwty Rattiyaphon and Aarm Kornkan Sutthikoses are arguing. He wants to kiss her. She pretends that also wants to, but Biwty Rattiyaphon knees Aarm Kornkan Sutthikoses in the balls 2 times. He falls. She threatened to kick him in the balls again. He is afraid, and moved away from her. She leaves him, he gets up, but he was very sick. He clings to his broken-off nuts and rests on a tree. He still overcame the pain and runs after her, holding jewelry. The quarrel continued. She tries to hit him several times with his knee in the balls. This continues until, until he bumps into another guy and he does not fall. Very funny scene. (Thai girls often beat their guys in the balls in the series). Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl7olckq8BY&t=1042s&list=FLN5GlNEYFRvTdSROIU9mjTA&index=4
Posted: 02/25/2017 Source: TV Show Year: 2016 Report Update
Angel Heart Actress: Anime Type: Lighter, then Kick and Knee
Scene 1- woman burns a man's groin with a gun-shaped lighter, then kicks him when he jumps up Scene 2- Woman fights off two attackers, knees one savagely in the balls What episodes? The knee is in episode 14 http://youtu.be/JXW_VzL1d0Q The lighter-burn and kick are in episode 45 at 1:50. A fantastic castration verbal is in episode 45, starts at 3:30. Episode 45: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5pCDfl64EM
Posted: 11/26/2014 Source: Cartoon Year: 2005 Report Update
Angel of Destruction Actress: Maria Ford Type: Kick
Multiple busts throughout.
Posted: 12/27/2015 Source: Movie Year: 1994 Report Update
Angel of H.E.A.T Actress: Marilyn Chambers Type: grab
Angel Harmony(MC) playfully grabs a guy's balls while driving their car.
Posted: 04/14/2014 Source: Movie Year: 1983 Report Update
Angel on the Run Actress: Type: knee
A woman wearring fishnet stocking knees a guy that's been holding her. This is probably the same excellent bust listed under GOOD GIRLS DON'T. Which Actress? No film with this title 'TNC'
Posted: 10/26/2011 Source: Movie Year: 1993 Report Update