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Jailbird Rock Actress: Type: Gesture
In the U.S., this was put out on tape as JAILBIRD ROCK. In Austrailia, it's called CAN'T SHAKE THE BEAT. In Europe, it's called PRISON DANCER. A group of about 10 girls are learning to dance but are having trouble kicking, so one of the girls gets out in front of the class and asks the others to think about this guy coming towards them and cornering them. She then says, 'what are you going to do?,' and they all say, 'kick him in the balls.' Then for about 30 seconds they are all kicking their legs out in front and saying 'kick him in the balls' over and over as they kick. about 1.31 in trailer
Posted: 07/24/2011 Source: Movie Year: 1988 Report Update
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