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Wynonna Earp Actress: Melanie Scrofano, K. Strain Type: Verbals, Bite
S1E4 00:05:45: Wynonna (MS) is told of a misogynistic revenant. She asks with a slight smile, "Any idea where this guy is so I can shoot him in the dong?" S1E6 00:16:45: Wynonna's partner Dolls snaps at her. Wynonna tells him "The last guy who talked to me like that got a nail-gun to the nads." [sensing a theme here] S1E7 00:34:20 Wynonna's sister Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and another girl are besieged in a house. The girl recalls a time when Waverly defended her against bullies by taking a stick and hitting the bullies in the balls. S1E11 00:11:30: One of a set of brunette revenant twins (Karissa Strain or Katie Strain - not sure which, they are real-life twins) hypnotizes a guy then gives him a fatal BJ with teeth. Later same episode at 00:21:20 Wynonna finds the man's body with a bloodstain on the crotch of his boxers. She quips to the corpse, "Should've kept your pants on."
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