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Wakfu Actress: Evangeline Type: kicks
S2E3 Evangeline want to save Tristepan (Tristepin in the original) that is in the sword and Rubilax had take the body of Tristepan, she is on the ground, Rubilax want to crush her with a big boulder, so she kick him right between the legs, are offscreen, you can hear only the sound and the face of him in pain. 6,50 in the episode, not great but she is fucking hot. S2E14 Evangeline is in the GAGA island to find her sister Cleo, Cleo is fighting in a ring with 3 Trool (a race), one of the Trool want to hit Cleo, so Evangeline kick him from behind right in the balls, this is too is offline, you here a bell and see the face of him in agony, for 2-3 seconds you can see her leg up, this is too insít a great view because is offscreen like i said, but she is so hot... 7,00 in the episode.
Posted: 12/20/2016 Source: Cartoon Year: 2011 Report Update
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