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S6E5 00:19:40 Ophelia (Maggie Wheeler) and Marcy (Pamela Adlon) talk Stu into wearing a "cock cage" chastity device in order to prove he's sorry for cheating on Marcy. They explain that when he's wearing it, any erection will be painful. Later in the episode, he's sitting on a couch and they turn on the TV to a porn station to get him excited. As they leave he screams. S6E8 00:24:40 Ophelia tases Stu in the nads. S6E11 00:19:30 Ophelia has tied up Marcy and Charlie Runkle. She comes in from outside holding a pair of gardening shears and threatens to chop off Charlie's dick. Marcy pretends to go along with it, and there are some additional verbals between her & Ophelia, but then she knocks Ophelia down and lectures her about how crazy she is.
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