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V.I. Warshawski Actress: Kathleen Turner Type: 4 Kicks & verbal
There are a total of 4 kicks if you look closely in this movie. the first two are offscreen. they are when she goes to her appartment to replace a lightbulb (36:48) the guy she smashes the bulb over the head, she offscreen back kicks him. then one of the other thugs she kicks but it is a really bad view. the next one she kicks(40:32) the fat guy a little later on. Then the next kick is the best. a thug is playing nintendo,(1:06:05) she comes up to him as he stands up, and the view is AWESOME!!!!! she kicks him super hard and it's from the side. man, she really loves to kick nuts!!! then the next scene, she grabs a nutcracker and crunches his nuts(1:07:28), then hits him in the balls with it right after!!!!! wow, if that isn't a bb goddess, I don't know what is. - If its the one with kathlyn turner then there is a scene where she uses a nutcracker (offscreen) to on a fat guy's balls with great threat// UPDATE: Also at the very end of the movie, Kathleen Turner says to an ex of hers:(1:25:35) "Have you seen what I can do with a nutcracker?" in a jocular tone.
Posted: 06/13/2015 Source: Movie Year: 1991 Report Update
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