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A Gun For Jennifer Actress: Deborah Twiss Type: gunshot,castration,verbal
Rape revenge film about female vigilantes. Has many BB related scenes. First scene (1:40) Women break in and castrate a rapist offscreen but it cuts out before it is shown. 2nd (5:40) Rape of blonde is interrupted by female vigilantes. They shoot one in the balls onscreen and later it is revealed they castrated both men. 3rd (10:50) aftermath of castration and talk of what the women did to the men. 4th (17:20) Jennifer shoots a gun target right in the groin and they laugh about it. 5th (~40m) A topless punk rocker cuts off her own fake dick with fake blood in front of an audience of women. 6th (towards the end) Blonde woman says "I'll rip your fucking balls off" to a lunatic messing with her. -- Clip (6 scenes):
Posted: 12/27/2014 Source: Movie Year: 1997 Report Update
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