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In Episode 22 of the Anime series, the main heroine Lucy Heartfilia (played by Hirano in the Japanese version and Leigh in the American version) is kidnapped by a villain named Master Jose Porla and held in an aerial tower. Upon meeting and being taunted by him while being bound by rope, Lucy tells Jose that she needs to use the bathroom. Jose decides to give Lucy a bucket and orders her to use it on sight, thinking that she wouldn't degrade herself in front of him. However, Jose is surprised to see that Lucy is preparing to use the bucket and decides to turn around so that he could allow her some privacy. Lucy takes advantage of this and throws a swift kick to Jose's groin from behind, making him fall down to the ground in pain and taunting him as she explains that he should never take his eyes off the enemy.
Posted: 03/11/2014 Source: Cartoon Year: 2009 Report Update
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