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Nanny, The Actress: Fran Drescher Lauren Lane Type: Verbal {implied}
Episode 2.6: "Pishke Business" Ms. Babcock (Lauren Lane) says how she kneed someone in the "Big Apple" while arguing over a cab. She lifts her knee to demonstrate. (6:22) Episode 1.9: "Personal Business" Fran goes out on a date with a soap opera actor her boss set up with her to get him to be in a musical. The actor tries to make-out with her in a car and she seems against it. Later when she gets home her boss is there and she tells him the date didn't go well. Her boss says that he won't hire him now for the musical. She responds, "Oh too bad too because now, he could REALLY hit those high notes"! (5:33) The son of the boss asks after she walks away "Does that mean she kicked him in the---" and his dad shushes him. Later while playing Scrabble, they're watching TV and the show that the actor is in comes on and they mention that he's not on it any more. Fran casually says: "how do you spell eunuch?" (referring to a word in the scrabble game, and the fact the man has no balls any more). 6:50. The eldest daughter smiles, knowing what Fran meant.
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