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Yankee Zulu Actress: Terri Treas Type: Fist, Kick
After 13 minutes a white female hits a knife slinging attacker in the groin with her fist. When she is done beating him up, she pays him for her workout. After 56 minutes the same hot Red Head co-leader of a Neo Nazi group, first side kicks a guy in blackface in the gut so hard he flies across a dinner table, and as he's trying to get to his feet still bent over from that, she glides up to him, and with a smile on her face, kicks him hard from the front in the groin, at an odd but very effective angle. The kicker is the same hot redhead who kneed the guy in the Self Defense episode of "Roseanne", and I'm pretty sure is the hard kicker in the blue pantsuit in that great clip from the "Silk Stalkings" series. a prolific buster!
Posted: 03/14/2010 Source: Movie Year: 1993 Report Update
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