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xena warrior princess Actress: RenÚe ˛Connor,Lucy Lawless, Type: staff,stomp,kicks,sword,punch
girl hits guy behind her with staff in his groin (episode "Hooves and harlots" (S1) Xena front kicks, back kicks, stomps on balls! (S1,2) CLIP: Xena swings sword between her legs into a guards balls(:46) low punches bald guy(:48) back kicks(:53) push-kicks a groin(2:12) side kicks balls(2:19) CLIP: Xena(LL) stomps a bench up into a guys balls(:03) Xena snap kicks(:07) Xena back stomps(:09) Gabrielle(R˛C) stomps a shovel up into her strangler's ball's(:12) Xena front kicks(:14) Xena swings a bag up into balls (:16) Gabrielle twists a bow into balls(:20) Xena swings sword under her into balls(:22) Xena kicks guy's leg out to splits(:25) Xena back stomps(:27) CLIP:
Posted: 11/25/2014 Source: TV Show Year: 1995 Report Update
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