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Ultimate Force Actress: Heather Peace Type: Knee, squeeze, gunshot, threat
There are many scenes of BB in this series. Becca Gallagher knees this recruit in the balls and he falls to the floor SSgt. Henry Garvie asks what happened to him and she says something a stomach bug then says to the SSgt. she just kneed the recruit where does it hurt; the she knees next to the recruit and squeeze his balls threatening to cut them off. S04xEp2. 50:30 (?) Alternative clip: --- ---- S04E04 Gunshot to the groin of the bad guy by the female soldier Clip: ----- S02E04 Fast offscreen knee to a police officer by the same female while undercover Clip: ------ S02E04 Great grab and squeeze by the same female soldier. The guy is getting interrogated and not cooperating so she grabs his balls and squeezes hard until he gives up! Clip:
Posted: 11/04/2012 Source: TV Show Year: 2002 Report Update
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