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Yes Madam! Actress: Cynthia Rothrock Type: 2 kicks
Cynthia's debut Hong Kong performance where she plays this really gungho cop from Scotland Yard, with Michelle Yeoh as her partner whom she couldn't see eye to eye with. In the finale where the action takes place, Cynthia and Michelle storm a mansion to nail the baddies. After some spectacular stunts involved in beating the shit out of some riffraffs, the two face off against the baddie's two formidable bodyguards. Cynthia squares off with Dick Wei an both of them were exchanging blows when Dick gives Cynthia a hard kick to the groin. Cynthia flops down on her knees and we see her struggling to get up on the floor while holding onto her groin. Dick then tries acting gentlemanly by 'apologizing' and saying that he didn't mean to do that. Just as he was approaching towards her, Cynthia shoots both her legs up from the floor and really gave Dick one in his dick. The camera then focuses on Dick flopping down on his knees shouting and then hopping up and down before holding onto a banister for support while grimacing in pain. Cynthia then gets up and says something like, 'I am also sorry, but I did mean to do that'. Despite the pain, Dick still managed to kick Cynthia in the stomach and send her flying over an armchair, before giving her one in the jaw that sent her sprawling somewhere. That's Taiwanese taekwando fighters for you! Clip: Use Chrome to download from femdomspace
Posted: 04/29/2013 Source: Movie Year: 1985 Report Update
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