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Seduction, The Actress: Morgan Fairchild Type: Kick
Hard to believe this one has not been mentioned. It's been 20 years, so I dont know if was the run-up to the bust that makes it memorable or the scene itself. Probably should watch the entire film, the bust is near the end. Morgan is being stalked by Andrew Stevens (remember his mom?) and she titilates us the entire movie, we get one almost total nude scene as the camera pans her entire body. Finally he breaks into her house (she is waiting for him in negligee) and pins her to the bed. Foolishly, he straddles her on the bad, Morgan asks him for more, then gives him a slap and followed by the leg brought up so the knee hits. Fairly realistic. I think it is the long run up to this moment that makes it exciting. INcidentally there is a )oan Collins TV movie that recreates the very same scene from a year or two later. She has an even better outfit, one with sheer straps that )ust covers the nipples. From the side we can see the ample size of her breasts, then cuts to the same angle (from behind) and she drives the leg straight up. DOnt know the name of that one, but it is pretty good. ------- Update: it lasts a split of a second and the reaction is fairly poor though
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