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A 60's French film. The beautiful Bernadette Lafont, the small town's prostitute, is approached by a guy inside her house eager for a freebie. Outraged, she knees him to the ground, and then proceeds to literally kick him out of her house with the sharp points of her shoes. She must deliver 20 kicks before he's rolling down her front steps. A neighbor finds him on a bench doubled up, holding his nuts. 'Did she hurt you?' he asks. No shit. The BB is not the most realistic, but I'd still consider this a classic for all the kicks and the general sexiness of the flick. I doubt if this one is out on video. The director is a woman, Nelly Kaplan. This film is NOT listed in the IMDB. But it is listed here: It really exists; I saw it. US title: A Very Curious Girl. UK title: Dirty Mary. French title: La Fianc?e du pirate
Posted: 02/20/2010 Source: Movie Year: 1969 Report Update
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