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10th Kingdom, The Actress: Kimberly Williams Type: broom handle to nuts
Virginia Lewis (Williams) is fleeing a hallway, clothed in an open bathrobe and short jammie shorts and shirt, from chasing lycanthrope Wolf. She opens the window in desperation, considering to escape there. Wolf fliees down the hallway, and puts down a knife. 'Put your mind at rest!' he cries passionately. 'Now that I've seen you, eating you is out of the question!' Takes a hairbrush; slicks hair back. 'Now, I know this is gonna come out of the blue, but... how about a date?' She thrusts a thick broom brush at his face threateningly. 'We started badly, but I take -all- the blame for that. Hah!' he lunges at her, she ducks around a table, and whacks him in the face with the broom. He gasps. 'Come on, give us a chance, please!' Thrust to the balls (if you look closely, it's actually his lower abdomen, meant to look like the balls) with a broom handle, groan of pain. He doubles over in front of the open window. 'Wow, you are one DYNAMIC lady, there's no question!' Zoom in on Virginia, doing this really cool face-grit of determination, and whacks him again in the face, sending him flying out the window. He howls on the way down, landing nicely in a pile of trash, eagle spread. He makes a sound of lovesick, pained pleasure, and passes out. -- Clip:
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