Actress: Katheryn Winnick Type: Grab Year: 2013
S01E04 - 11 min in the episode: Lagertha (hot actress Katheryn Winnick) is attacked by a huge man who wants to rape her. But she fights back, grabbing his balls so hard (making him moan in pain). After that, she stabbed him to death.
Posted: 09/30/2014 Source: TV Show Report Update
Actress: anime Type: kick,ball Year: 2007
In season 1 episode 3 a young female student, Kuro Kagami, hits her male teacher in the nuts three times in this episode, kick-3 minutes, dodgeball-5 minutes and kick-7 minutes. Also episode 10 (2 minutes kick) and episode 12 (6min). During the second season she kicks him on at least three separate occasions.
Posted: 09/30/2014 Source: Cartoon Report Update
Actress: Mary Gross, Rebecca De Mornay Type: 3 kicks, Sexy conversation Year: 1988
The movie is basically about Rebecca De Mornay and Mary Gross beating the male gender at a sexist Fbi academy. After a macho classmate gives Mary a hard time at the handcuff practice, Rebecca gives her a lesson in self defense. Rebecca says, ' the best move for a girl like you, kick in the balls. Kick in the balls? Mary repeats in question. Rebecca agrees. which Mary dutifully repeats -- then she demonstarates on Mary, who stand holding her crotch looking surprised. The next time Mary tries to handcuff the guy, she uses the techinque Rebecca taught her: she stomps once on his foot to distract him. Then she kicks him real hard in the balls. He goes down with his mouth open moaning and she sits on his back and handcuffs him. Nice. Later in the movie, Mary and Rebecca DeMornay are threatended by three wannabe muggers outside a bar. A great opportunity for them to practice their ballbusting skills. They each stomp on a guys foot then send them to the ground with a well aimed kick to the nuts. The third mugger runs away and De Mornay takes a sec to watch the guys on the ground holding their swollen balls. Clip:
Posted: 09/29/2014 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Anime Type: kick Year: 2013
When the main character is talking to a girl, another girl kicks him from behind saying "Dont come around here" Episode 10 1/4 of the way through the episode I found the episode on yt but I couldn't find the bust: at 2:29
Posted: 09/29/2014 Source: TV Show Report Update
Actress: Sara Kestleman Type: Castration Year: 1975
In dream sequence the composer Liszt imagines his penis growing to huge proportions which is then worshipped by a number of female dancers who tie ribbons around it like a maypole, that is until they drag it to a huge Guillotine where a stocking-clad and-bat winged Princess Carolyn is waiting for him. Whilst Liszt is screaming for mercy, she tells him that this her end of the bargain in agreeing to marry her, finally they pull it through and the Princess burns through the safety rope letting the blade drop down on his huge penis. This has to be be seen to be believed!
Posted: 09/29/2014 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Type: grab and handbag Year: 2006
A guy is delivering drugs to a dominatrix. Before he can show her the goods, she grabs him by the balls and squeezes, asking him "Do you have what I want?" He tells her that he can't get the drugs out while she has her hand on his balls. This is a really good clip, with a closeup of the grab. In the second clip, a man and woman are exiting an elivator. On the way out, the woman pushes her way in front of him, jamming her purse into his balls at the same time. Clip (both scenes):
Posted: 09/29/2014 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Monica Cruz Natalia Mill Type: kick,knee Year: 2003
There is a kick by Monica Cruz in the episode 5 "Huida hacia delante", in the 3th season.There is also a knee by Natalia knee the beginning of this video: which epizode in the 3th season ? thanks
Posted: 09/28/2014 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Type: punch Year: 1980
Playful, but painfull punch about halfway into the movie.
Posted: 09/28/2014 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Kaya Scodelario Type: Kick Year: 2014
Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) kicks a boy who keeps her tied in a kind of stick. It happens in the last 30-35 minutes in the movie. i found this link: (it s in bad quality) 1h 27min Awesome. Anyone have a better quality link or clip of this??? This isn't too bad
Posted: 09/26/2014 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Kaya Scodelario Type: verbal Year: 2010
there are multiple movies named shank so just a warning. Tasha (kaya) threatens to punch a guy in the balls for calling her a sket. happens about 56 minutes in. link:
Posted: 09/26/2014 Source: Movie Report Update
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