Actress: Alena Johnston Type: offscreen-kick Year: 1973
A hot amazon kicks a greek soldier offscreen. Good reaction. It's the full length movie...Where is it?
Posted: 03/30/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Annabelle Wallis Type: Knee,Stab,Kick Year: 2015
17 mins - Norman soldier tries to rape Saxon girl,she knees him and stabs his balls. 47 mins Girl kicks guy (offscreen) during horseplay.
Posted: 03/30/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Type: knee Year: 2003
Bandana was a girl group in Argentina (like a female back street boys) that was formed by girls selected at a tv show like America's next top model but for singers that were going to form this band. Thet lasted 1 or 2 record and hey splitted but they made a movie. According to the original poster, in the Movie one of the girls knees a guy. 1f4min20sec
Posted: 03/28/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Pollyanna McIntosh Type: kick Year: 2014
female police officer kick a guy onscreen after 1:11:00
Posted: 03/27/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Tonya Kay Type: Kick Year: 2012
The hot nutritionist Tonya Kay gets her car fixed in the funny horror flick "Creep Van". The mechanic wants to rip her off asking for to much money or "other favors" as payment. After he fiddles with her shirt she gives him some "other favors" in form of a ass-kicking during witch she gives him a nice kick in the nuts. She also dishes out some punches, kicks and a head-scissor. Here is the clip with a slow-motion scene of the bust:
Posted: 03/27/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Type: Kick Year: 1994
In the very beginning, the 2 main female cops both knee an innocent man at the same time! One knee for each ball. The guy slumps to the ground (offscreen) and the girls just stay there and act pissed. Fantastic mean-spirited scene during a twister game! After a 'right foot red' command, a guy gets a sexy socked foot right in his balls! And she holds it there and jiggles around a bit. Really hot scene. what time is the double knee please? Double knee at 54min.
Posted: 03/27/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Marissa Ribisi Type: self inflicted mic stand Year: 1995
A bully steps on a microphone stand and it flies up and whacks him in the goolies. The cute Marissa Ribisi grins joyously as she watches her (probably now ex-)boyfriend hilariously moan and groan in agony as he clutches his balls. He then passes out from the pain and collapses to the floor as she laughs. Clip: 1h15min
Posted: 03/26/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Maggie Ma Type: Kick Year: UNKNOWN
S4E13 Sam gets kicked in the balls by a young student possessed by a spirit. He's later seen with a beer on his crotch.
Posted: 03/26/2015 Source: TV Show Report Update
Actress: Type: elbow, knee, kick, castration Year: 1987
Weak kick by a girl in fatigues.and a red head girl elbow's a guy in the balls while he grabs her from behind and then she kills him shooting him 3 times after . There is a lot of violence and a battle of the sexes where 12 girls kill 30 men. Another good front kick happens when this sexy girl jumps over a tree and there is a guy waiting for her. Then she kicks him with her awesome sexy boots right in the Balls. "WHAM" down he dropped! Later by the end of the movie another pretty damn hot girl castrates an unfortunately horny guy. First she teases him a little bit. The guy says "You are gonna love this baby" and she responds "And you are going to love this" with a extremely sexy voice, then she stabs a knife in his groin. Very painful. The guy screams at her "You fucking bitch" falling in agony. She smiles. I love this movie. one kick at 50:40, knife at 1h 11,
Posted: 03/26/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Tara Strong Type: Knee Year: 2012
Mary Jane knees Trapster in the nuts at the start of episode , and is shown again end of the episode ,
Posted: 03/26/2015 Source: Cartoon Report Update
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