Actress: Nargis Fakhri Type: hard kick Year: 2015
Here is a very sexy and hard kick delivered to Jason Statham in movie by a hot bollywood actress at 1hr32 mins into the movie
Posted: 08/30/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Jennifer Rubin Type: grab/squeeze Year: 1996
Sexy woman grabs, holds and tugs on a married man's balls after he denies her advances on him ... Really sexy and very on-screen then off-screen... Dominant woman. When she grabs his balls initially she says 'you will know when I'm harassing you!' needs new link 57:40
Posted: 08/30/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Sara Paxton Type: knee Year: 2015
S1E16, "Salvation." Scared woman knees a stalker. 1min e30 sec THIS TV SERIES IS ABSOLUTELY FULL OF BALLBUSTING. Every second episode had a kick or a knee, some of women in heels! This sounds fantastic! Anyone have some links? Someone please take the time to list them all. I counted 11 busts this season! episode? UP ! Which Epidode please ? there is only one and very bad knee in the beginning. one episode had a kick and a almost castration with scissors might have been episode 10 or 11
Posted: 08/29/2015 Source: TV Show Report Update
Actress: Lori Karns Type: Knee Year: 2006
A music video of different busts one of which involves a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit by a unnamed woman (Lori Karns) who, after handing a man (James Goodenberger) the papers, knees his stunt double (Jeremy Wong) in the groin with a comic cartoonish boing sound effect.
Posted: 08/29/2015 Source: Other Report Update
Actress: Nayanthara Type: kick(offscreen) Year: 2015
Indian tamil movie.She kicks another officer in the balls..Happens in the first song.
Posted: 08/29/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Fran Drescher Lauren Lane Type: Verbal {implied} Year: 1993
Episode 2.6: "Pishke Business" Ms. Babcock (Lauren Lane) says how she kneed someone in the "Big Apple" while arguing over a cab. She lifts her knee to demonstrate. (6:22) Episode 1.9: "Personal Business" Fran goes out on a date with a soap opera actor her boss set up with her to get him to be in a musical. The actor tries to make-out with her in a car and she seems against it. Later when she gets home her boss is there and she tells him the date didn't go well. Her boss says that he won't hire him now for the musical. She responds, "Oh too bad too because now, he could REALLY hit those high notes"! (5:33) The son of the boss asks after she walks away "Does that mean she kicked him in the---" and his dad shushes him. Later while playing Scrabble, they're watching TV and the show that the actor is in comes on and they mention that he's not on it any more. Fran casually says: "how do you spell eunuch?" (referring to a word in the scrabble game, and the fact the man has no balls any more). 6:50. The eldest daughter smiles, knowing what Fran meant.
Posted: 08/29/2015 Source: TV Show Report Update
Actress: Mia Doran Type: Grab/Squeeze (Extreme) Year: 2014
Beautiful woman secudes and grabs mans whole groin and squeezes it squashed and bloody. Gory scene of blood flowing down mans leg ensues. Still a fairly sexy grab before the fatal grip. // min 49
Posted: 08/29/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Simren Type: off screen grab and castration Year: 2003
Indian movie(tamil movie)Simren plays the role of a tribal woman veeralakshmi . She squeezes the nuts of a police man who was beating her(off screen but about 1.30 mins long).Occurs within 15 mins from the start of the movie.There was another cop who used to rape women.She castrates him with a knife. She later tells the villagers that she will castrate any man who rapes women. Grab at beginning and castration at 4:30.
Posted: 08/28/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Jennifer aniston Type: not sure Year: 2014
Don't get to fired up. It's fast and praly not worth it, but it is JA, and it is definitely a kickish' for sure in the stones.
Posted: 08/28/2015 Source: Movie Report Update
Actress: Rupali Ganguly,Jennifer Type: 2 knees Year: 2008
An Indian reality dance show where there are quite a few fake busts during the dance sequences,I remember one of them where Rupali Ganguly delivers a real aggressive fake knee to her dance partners balls during the dance sequence and her partner acts in a way as if his balls flew in the air and later catches,juggles and finally puts them back in his pants.Pretty hot.Info By Goro Khan. Bullshit. there is nothing like that.
Posted: 08/27/2015 Source: TV Show Report Update
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